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StitZii is an evolving brand with new product developments and innovations coming all the time. Our mission is to bring people healthier food through healthier packaging. To do this, we design and produce food packaging products and inserts that are capable of removing excess fat, grease and oil (FOG) from prepared food products.

What is StitZii?

At the very core of our business, StitZii is just a piece of paper. That’s right: a single piece of paper, capable of affecting real change in the fast food and food preparation industries. It’s how this paper is folded, cut, shaped and glued that makes it into something truly innovative.

The paper we use in all of our products is specially designed to be an effective grease-trapping tool, while also being environmentally friendly. It works like a sponge, absorbing excess FOG from foods and trapping it safely within the paper’s fibers. When it’s thrown away, StitZii paper begins to decompose rapidly until there’s nothing left of it. Even if it’s dumped in a landfill or tossed out into a compost heap, it’ll dissolve safely, taking all of the trapped FOG with it.

How does this help change the fast food industry?

Each year millions and millions of tons of fast food packages are thrown into landfills. The logical thing would be to recycle these items, since they’re made of paper products! The problem is, because of FOG, most fast food packaging can’t be recycled. Grease and oil cause major issues during the pulping process of paper recycling and can actually taint batches of recycled paper products.
StitZii products are designed to create a barrier between the fast food packaging and the food itself. Our liners prevent FOG from coming into contact with the packaging, keeping it untainted and eligible for recycling. Every product protected by StitZii is another product that’s able to be

How does it make food healthier?

Because StitZii products remove and trap FOG from what you eat, they’re actually able to improve the nutrition of food items! This means taking unnecessary calories, saturated fats, sodium, trans fats and more off of foods that are already high in these negative substances.

StitZii can’t make you eat better, but it can help to reduce the negative impact that comes with having an extra slice of pizza or adding cheese to your burger!

Our mission

StitZii is all about making the world around us better. For us, that means improving the recycling prospects for fast food packaging and helping consumers enjoy the foods they love with a few less calories and fats bogging them down.

Get to Know StitZii

There are four core tenants that make our product unique and unlike any other liner, blotter or pad on the market today:

Though StitZii may be of simple design, its purpose is quite extraordinary: two layers of special paper have the potential to prevent millions of tons of fast food packaging products from ending up in landfills each year, reducing greenhouse gases which positively affects climate change.