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Team StitZii

Bradley H. FarrellCo-Founder and Managing Member
Bradley Farrell’s professional career began when he left his studies in Biology at Pasadena City College to serve in the United States Army in 1986. During his service, Bradley rose to the rank of Specialist E4 in the 82nd Airborne Infantry and eventually received his honorable discharge from the Army in 1989.

Bradley has pursued entrepreneurship aspirations through his creation of StitZii. After enjoying pizza at a local pizzeria with Co-Founder Jennifer Stitz, Bradley noticed the way Jennifer dabbed at her pizza with a napkin to remove excess grease and oil, creating the foundation for his revolutionary idea. Today, StitZii has evolved into a product that is soon to change the fast food, food preparation, agricultural, and automotive industries in a major way.

Jennifer StitzCo-Founder
Jennifer Stitz grew up in Missouri. After graduating from Southeast Missouri State University with a B.S. in Criminology, Jennifer then moved to California where she put her talents to work at Warner Brothers Studios.

During her time at Warner Brothers she met Bradley Farrell and together the two came up with the idea to market the revolutionary StitZii—a biodegradable, multiply pad that absorbs excess grease from food products. After painstaking research and development, Jennifer and Bradley have finally brought their vision to the market.

Cristi StitzChief Strategy Officer and Marketing Director
Cristi Stitz has a background in management and marketing with focus on strategic development and deployment of brand materials. A 2007 graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, IL, Cristi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has also studied brand marketing strategies and contemporary marketing principles at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles, CA.

Cristi has served a wide variety of roles within the marketing, advertising and public relations fields. She has contributed to several publications—including Stumped? Magazine and Aspiring Hollywood—lending her voice regarding project marketability and managing final content. She has worked with Luciano Saber, Inc., where she developed marketing strategies for the distribution of three feature films. Cristi’s marketing role led her to the Community Manager position in 2014 at the historic El Royale in Hancock Park, CA. Cristi curated an atmosphere for A-list Hollywood talent and was charged with overseeing a broad range of critical management duties.

Cristi has joined StitZii in strategic development and marketing capacities, where she is tasked with creating company communications, ensuring the execution of company strategies, increasing brand exposure, partnering with industry leaders, special committees, and consultants to support execution of key initiatives, managing teams charged with executing strategies, marketing the entire StitZii line of products, entire marketing strategies, and keeping the website and social medias up to date and relevant.